“Network With Yourself”

By Dr. Larry Morris

Sometimes we go for a networking lunch with an important person. This is a way to connect with someone who we hope can help us or be an ally in our job or in some important way in our life. We dress well and we choose a nice place to meet and eat. We share our souls, dreams and aspirations at our networking lunch and afterwards we congratulate ourselves on a time well spent—connecting with someone who we feel is important to us. We can also take time to have a networking lunch with ourselves—who is really more important to us than ourselves? We can take time to relax and get quiet inside and listen to ourselves each day. This gives us a sense of renewal and peace and energy. It is also a way of acknowledging to ourselves that we are worthwhile and worth taking the time for—to just be still and quiet with ourselves each day can be the best networking lunch we can treat ourselves to.