Natural Creativity by Dr. Susan Nettleton

As spring returns, there is a burst of creative energy in nature.  We, as a part of nature, can become more aware of the creative aspect of our being and allow it to flow more freely, bringing us fresh ideas and interests, rediscovering forgotten paths, and acquiring new outlets and skills.  Creativity is more than artistic expression and invention.  It is certainly more than the cultural standards that promote recognition and fame.  It is a core component of our instinctual survival intelligence.  Creativity gives us the capacity to problem solve and adapt to change, and respond effectively to unfamiliar and unexpected situations.  It makes us aware of the immediacy of life, our own "aliveness."  While no one is creative in every field of life's activity, we each have our areas where our individual creativity flows naturally.  So much in modern life competes for our energy, time, and attention, that we can easily lose sight of this vital force and dismiss our own creative urges.  Reaffirming that we are naturally creative and that our creativitiy is significant for our own weell-being, can open the doors to a renewesd life.