“Making Peace With Ourselves”

by Dr. Larry Morris

As the holidays get closer, many of us feel an increased sense of time pressures. We may begin with mild anxiety in early December which quickly changes to panic by mid December and by, say, December 23rd we may find ourselves hovering between frenzy and semi hysteria. This year why not resolve to go through the holiday season in a peaceful and harmonious way. We can begin by making peace with ourselves right now. We can realize that everything will get done that we need to do, so why not let ourselves relax and enjoy the process. Instead of seeing the holidays as something we have to struggle through at all costs, let's see the holidays as an opportunity to deepen our feelings of peace and goodwill. And let's remember to include ourselves in our feelings of general benevolence. This is the best time of the year to move through our days from a calm center of peace deep within ourselves: to let the season happen and to feel joy in our hearts.