“Make It New”

by Dr. Larry Morris

William Carlos Williams. a great American poet, once wrote, "Make it new." Sometimes we are a little too nonchalant and complacent about the holidays. Perhaps we feel a little too sophisticated to totally enter into the holiday spirit. We say to ourselves, "Innocence and openness are for children. We adults need to be tough to get through these trying times.” But just maybe we can be a little less guarded. a little less frantic, a little more tender, caring and receptive right now. This is an emotional time of year; the people in our lives are trying to show how much they really care for us. The cards and little gifts we give and receive are not just some relics of a forgotten thing; they represent the way a person is trying to share himself or herself with us. Let’s relax our need to be skeptical or judging. Let’s see this Christmas in a new light—let ourselves be innocent, filled with wonder and awe at each gift we give and receive. At each friendly gesture and greeting, let’s accept our share in the joy and goodwill of this season. Make this Christmas new for you.