“Light and Shadow”

by Dr. Larry Morris

One evening a man was on his hands and knees under a street lamp frantically searching for something. A passerby stopped and asked the man what was wrong. “I've lost a diamond ring and I'm searching for it,” the man replied. The passerby offered to help and the two men spent a long time searching to no avail. Finally the passerby asked, "Are you sure this is the spot where you lost the ring?" "No," replied the man, "I actually lost the ring over there in the shadows." "Then why are we searching here?" the exasperated helper demanded. "The light is better here," the man replied. Sometimes it's helpful to allow ourselves to go through a time of living with ambiguity, where we don't always see clearly or know exactly what is happening. We can come to a premature crystallization of our understanding if we don't allow time for inner nurturing and unfoldment to bring us to the point of clarity and insight in a natural way.