by Dr. Larry Morris

Old cartoons used to picture how someone looks who is having a new idea or solving a problem. They would show a light bulb going on near the person's head. Indeed, when we discover the solution to a problem, we often feel as if a light comes on inside of us and we say, "Oh, now, I see!" At our best moments, we feel a kind of inner light that seems to guide and direct our way to the good we are seeking. In various spiritual traditions, ultimate realization or liberation is characterized as "enlightenment." In the yoga tradition the final experience of spiritual attainment is called Nirva Kalpa Samadhi and it is described as the experience of the light of a thousand suns. When we can't quite see our path, when things seem obscure and out of focus, perhaps we just need to open our hearts, to let ourselves and our way be flooded with light. When we walk into a dark room we can either struggle with the darkness or we can turn on the light.