“Knowing When to Stop”

by Dr. Larry Morris

A young teacher in India once consulted an elderly sage who prophesied that the young man one day would be “king of India.” When the teacher received a promotion to assistant principal, he was happy because he took this to mean that the prophecy had been fulfilled. But in a little while he was again promoted, this time to principal. Now he was sure the prophecy had been fulfilled. And then he became chancellor of two universities in Madras and Benares. Now the prophecy was made good. But then the government appointed him as the Indian Ambassador to Russia. He was received by the Russian prime minister, a rare honor. He now had an official title. Never had he dreamed that the prophecy would be fulfilled in this way. Finally, he thought, I reached the pinnacle, the true fulfillment. Yet years later, on his return from Russia, he as appointed vice president of lndia— and so he told some friends, "This is the final end of that prophecy that was made so many years ago.” Yet a few years later, this man, the famous statesman and scholar Radhakrishnan, became president of India—the prophecy was complete. Don't stop until you fulfill all of your destiny.