Who or what can rob us of our Peace? For each of us, there are areas of life where we are especially vulnerable. Self-knowledge doesn't mean we conquer every area of difficulty for us, but it does mean we are aware of where we are vulnerable, our own blind spots, our limitations as a personality. When we find that despite our best efforts to relax, have faith, become stronger and more confident, there are some circumstances, or people, or events, that still disrupt our inner well-being, it may be time to take stock. When does the cost of maintaining a given situation or relationship, or even attitude exceed the benefit of keeping things the same? If we place a high value on Peace in our life, and if we continually lose that Peace because of our vulnerability, we may have to make some choices to take a new step. Whether this step is a decisive shift in our inner sense of things, or a decisive change in our behavior, or confronting or even walking away from that which constantly disturbs us, we redefine our authority over our lives. Who or what can rob us of our Peace? No one, nothing, really.