by Dr. Larry Morris

Whenever we travel, we always are looking backwards into our future. Home is where we start from and where we return to. So in our travels we can always orient ourselves by remembering the past (our home base) from which we departed and our future (home) to which we will return. No matter how chaotic or confused our journey, we can always look back to the point from which we came and to which we will return. A person in a rowboat on a lake keeps the place from which he started in view so that he always knows where to return. This way, he doesn't get lost. So, too, with us in our journey through this world. There is a center inside of each of us. When things in the outer world seem chaotic or confused, we can stop and re-orient ourselves by getting quiet, turning within, relaxing and letting ourselves be at home. Home is where we start from at the center of our being; home is where we return to—at the center deep inside of ourselves.