Ancient cultures believed that by observing the natural order around us we could discover the qualities of our own nature, learn to cultivate them, and thus foster our own well-being. Such qualities lead us to deeper awareness of our spiritual nature and become guidelines for living. When the individual shares these principles with their community as an agreed-upon value system, there is a cohesiveness to life. Choices are simplified; conflict is minimized. The individual is in harmony with the community and both are in harmony with the natural order. Modern life is so complex, we no longer have such agreement. However, it is still possible as an individual to commit to certain principles as our blueprints for living and we can still find them in the natural world around us.

November is also a time of transition. As the light shifts, colors fade, and the landscape prepares for winter, some people experience sadness. There is a bittersweet awareness of the cycles of life. Yet, spring comes again... November is also a time of harvest, the fulfillment of all the months of nature's sustenance and from that people developed the practice of celebration, feasting, and sharing. What spiritual truth lies right outside your window, awaiting your discovery? Can you give it life in you, and stay with it over time? This is not a superficial quest. It is an ancient key to building a life of strength, authenticity, authority and peace.