Audio Recordings

Over the years, ministers Larry Morris and Susan Nettleton gave hundreds of talks at Hillside Community Church, with the intent to inspire, uplift, and bring insight to the task of living spiritually in the everyday world.  These talks were given live to a live audience with a varying mix of people, needs, and energy.  They were not delivered with the goal of making a recording but with the immediacy of the event: people, place, time, meditation and music. 

We have acquired a few very early recordings of Larry, including some workshop presentations and several of his Sunday morning church services.  Hopefully, more of his taped talks will be found and uploaded over time.  There is a partial listing of Sunday morning talks  that Susan has given since 2016.  Her current talks will continue to be uploaded, along with a sampling of  older tapes from earlier years.  The audio files  are arranged by date, beginning with the most recent recordings.  Our aim is to offer ideas that hold living potential for your life now.