Application for 2020 Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship


Instructions for Application

Program Purpose

The Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship, offered by The Hillside Source, provides financial scholarship assistance to a University of New Mexico graduate level or upper division undergraduate student pursuing a degree in English Literature or other Language/ Literature degree for work on an academic project in the field of mystical or spiritual literature.  This project may be a scholarly analysis of an existing literary work(s) or an original creative work by the student (poetry, short story, book, etc.), or possibly a project to inspire and promote further inquiry into the field through travel and general reading/research. 

The purpose of The Hillside Source is to support, inspire, and nourish the spiritual life of the individual in the 21st Century through a range of resources, including audio recordings, daily “Positive Thoughts,” short articles and commentaries on different aspects of spiritual living, and links to more in-depth analyses and scholarship on contemporary topics with spiritual implications. 

Applications for the 2020 edition of The Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship are currently closed, and will be open from June 1-December 5, 2019.   Deadline for online submission of application and supporting documents is December 5, 2019 to be submitted  by 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time. The award recipient will be notified and posted on this website on or by January 15, 2020.   The scholarship funds are available for use January 2020 through August 1, 2020.

Award Amount:  $2,500             


  • Enrolled at the University of New Mexico for the 2019-2020 academic year as graduate student or exceptional upper division (Junior of Senior) undergraduate

  • Pursuing a degree in English literature, other language/literature fields or studies otherwise pertaining to contemporary spirituality and/or mysticism

  • GPA of 3.2 or higher

Criteria for Selection and Application Review

The Hillside Source scholarship committee meets once a year to review applications for funding. Awards are based on the selection criteria outlined here. The Scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis. The Hillside Source does not comment on the deliberations of the award committee and is unable to provide written or oral evaluations of applications. No provisions exist for reconsideration of grant proposals after the committee has acted.

The following criteria apply to the selection process:

  • Degree to which project proposal meets the stated criteria and intent of the scholarship

  • Demonstrated commitment to education and project

  • Feasibility of project and proposed time schedule

  • Validity of proposed budget and budget narrative, including sufficient outside support

  • Quality of written proposal


The Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship funds are available for

  • Educational expenses

  • Living expenses

  • Dependent childcare

  • Travel to professional meetings, conferences, or seminars, or research facilities

Except where expressly stated otherwise, the scholarship is NOT available for

  • Purchase of equipment

  • Indirect costs

  • Research assistants

  • Previous expenditures, deficits, or repayment of loans

  • Publication costs

  • Institutional (overhead) costs

  • Tuition for dependent’s education

The Hillside Source regards the acceptance of a scholarship as a contract requiring fulfillment of the following terms:

  • The scholarship is a one-time-only award.

  • The scholarship is direct financial assistance to the applicant and cannot be administered by an academic institution or organization at which the applicant is employed.

  • The scholarship is awarded for student use between January 2020 and August 1, 2020 only. Grants may not be deferred.

  • The recipient is required to sign a contract as acceptance of the award. Retain these instructions, as they will become part of the contract if the applicant is awarded the scholarship. The scholarship is awarded in one payment immediately following notification and acceptance.

Any tax liability associated with the receipt of a Career Development Grant is the sole responsibility of the applicant. Specific questions regarding income tax matters should be addressed with the Internal Revenue Service, the applicant’s financial aid office, or a personal tax adviser. (The Hillside Source is a resource project of Hillside Community Church, a nonprofit, tax- exempt 501(c)(3) organization founded for religious purpose.)

Applications for the 2020 edition of The Larry Morris Memorial Scholarship are open June 1, 2019-December 5, 2019.     

Required Components

  1. Applicants must meet all the eligibility requirements listed above under eligibility.

  2. Applicants must fill out and submit the online application form below.

  3. Applicants must arrange to have supporting documents emailed to us at to specifically include a) your academic transcript and b) two confidential academic letters of recommendation by faculty members who know you well and are familiar with the quality of your academic work. You may email unofficial transcripts directly to us, which, if you are selected, will be officially verified before receiving the award.

Application Form

Name *
A statement of purpose of 750 words or more, in English, explaining what you intend to do, where, when and how. The statement of purpose needs to include an intellectually sound overview, along with a description of any research you have already done.