An Atmosphere of Healing
         By Dr. Susan Nettleton

Healing is built into all forms of life.  It is a natural part of our lives, physically and psychologically.  Much of what we think of as the healing arts, whether scientific techniques, modern medicine, indigenous traditions or alternative remedies,  are really about quickening, supporting, and protecting life while it heals, rather than making the healing happen.  Understanding this changes our sense of the part we play in our own healing, and the healing of others.  As the saying goes, it’s not about making it happen, it’s about making it welcome.  Whatever our background, knowledge or skills, anyone can play a role in healing, beginning with reading an atmosphere where healing an take place.  What that means vary, of course with circumstances.  But it’s an important question to consider:  How an I, in this situation, create an atmosphere of healing?  What attitude, what action, what environment will enhance, support, and protect life in my care while it heals?

Some basic aspects of a healing atmosphere:

Order and cleanliness
Rest and relaxation
Prayer that is positive and life affirming
Hopeful expectations
Fresh air