"General Affirmation Prayer for Others"

by Dr. Susan Nettleton


When we are overly concerned about someone close to us; when we take too much personal responsibility for someone else’s happiness or growth, we can lose our own vitality and enjoyment of life.  Inwardly, we usually know our worry and burden is not really helpful to them, but we can feel powerless to do anything else.  One very real, healing thing we can do is to take the time to inwardly affirm a larger spiritual identity for those for whom we have concern.

This larger spiritual identity is an expansion beyond whatever image of them that we have been rehearsing in our worry.  It is larger than the peace that comes with acceptance of the human struggles and limitations that we all deal with in one area of life or another.  It is an affirmation of their individual human life as inseparable from the Source of all Life, Intelligence, Health, and Goodness.  It includes Competency and Strength.  No matter what the situation, we can choose to assert:  that which creates , sustains, guides, directs and nurtures all life, sustains our loved ones.  We can let go and trust that things are working out and all is well.  This release can be the beginning of transformative Love.