“A New Vision”

by Dr. Susan Nettleton

Many times people are dissatisfied, but they never get beyond dissatisfaction to a new vision for their lives. They know what they don't want, but they have never thought things out clearly enough to know what they do want. There is something about a new vision for our lives that opens doors. It may be that our way of change is to analyze specifics in our lives, plan immediate action, and take it. We take the one step that becomes obvious when we know where we are headed. That small step will lead to another one, and another, until we look back and discover that our lives have indeed changed. Or it may be that we take the inner way, dwelling on the wonder of God, the Goodness of God, and the possibilities of new life that God has placed in front of us. This is the way of acceptance, rather than action. We quietly say yes, and let the new unfold. Either way it is a clear sense of what we want that leads us out of the old way of being and into the new. When we decide, really decide, to change things, we begin with the new.